The most common Tiny Home foundation is a standard 8’ x 24’ trailer with two 7,000 lb axles with an empty weight of 2,850 lbs.

The most common Tiny Home foundation is a standard 8’ x 24’ trailer with two 7,000 lb axles with an empty weight of 2,850 lbs.

Calling all Tiny Home DIYer’s!

We build all our Tiny Homes on Trailer Made Trailers. If you are a DIY’er looking to build your own Tiny Home, we highly recommend Trailer Made. In our opinion (and the opinion of many Tiny Home builders throughout the country), Trailer Made provides the best Tiny Home foundation for your build.

Every home, large or tiny, needs a strong foundation. A foundation will keep your floors structurally sound and the walls firmly in place. But Tiny Home foundations must do even more. They must provide that structural stability while also providing mobility to keep your home safe when you’re on the road.

If you’re designing your future Tiny Home, make sure you start off with the right trailer base, one custom-made for your Tiny Home. Make sure you’re getting a foundation on wheels, not just any old trailer.

Trailer Made trailers have been specially engineered to have a Tiny Home built on them. Tiny Homes are not meant to be built on just ANY trailer. Since Tiny Homes are heavier than typical RV’s, they should only be built on a foundation that has been engineered for the weight & construction of a Tiny Home.

We’ve seen plenty of situations where a DIY Tiny House builder thinks they’ve scored a deal when they salvage a chassis from a conventional travel trailer or find a used flatbed utility trailer on Craigslist. They dive into construction only to realize that legitimate Tiny Home trailers are built with a design to safely distribute weight loads specific to Tiny House designs and furnishings. Trailer Made trailers surpass structural codes and add special touches that Tiny Home builders and DIYers alike will love.

An overview of Trailer Made’s industry-leading Features:

  • Welded tubular chassis with two or three axles

  • Lowest ride height available with a straight-beam axle, allowing for better clearance

  • Galvanized flashing on the bottom of the trailer frame for better insulation

  • 16′′ on center cross members for flooring

  • Frames with sill plate structural angles designed for tiny house wall framing

  • Square wheel fenders suitable for Tiny Home designs

  • Optimal load disbursement through axle and leveling jack placement

  • Electric brakes on every wheel on the trailer for ultimate road safety

  • Sealed wiring harnesses with LED lights

  • Lifetime Chassis Guarantee

Please contact us today, and we’d be happy to put you in touch with the right person at Trailer Made for your Tiny Home trailer/foundation.