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Established in 2017

Rafter B started as the Barton family’s cattle brand back in 1972. The brand was registered in Tarrant County in the State of Texas to identify the livestock that belonged to the Barton family. It was only fitting to keep the family brand name as part of our Tiny Home business. Gerald and J.J. have each built a reputation of honesty, integrity, and reliability in their professional careers. They have brought these same qualities together to run a family business building Tiny Homes. The Barton Brothers have a passion for helping people. They are excited to combine their unique skill sets to bring an excellent product to the Tiny Home movement.


Gerald Barton, CEO

After graduating from Oklahoma Christian University in 1994 with a Finance Degree, Gerald spent the next 12 years in several industries as a Financial Analyst, Market Analyst, and Business Analyst. Gerald has worked side-by-side with CPA’s, Presidents, VP’s, CEO’s, CFO’s, and Small Business Owners. Starting in 2008, Gerald decided to shift his attention away from the Corporate World and towards helping the Small Business Owner by starting an Accounting/Bookkeeping business with a niche in serving Clients in the Real Estate industry.

In late 2015, while researching campers for his family, Gerald discovered the Tiny House Movement. With his love for the outdoors and the minimalist lifestyle, Gerald quickly dove into heavy research of the Tiny House Movement. After more than a year of studying all aspects of tiny houses, Gerald decided the Tiny House Movement was here to stay. In mid-2017, Gerald approached his brother, J.J., to see if he’d be interested in building Tiny Houses.

Gerald has always been an active part of the community. He believes in giving back, and is often found volunteering with several non-profits around the Denver Metro area.

In his spare time, Gerald enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, volunteering with the local High School Marching Band, and spending time with his family.



J.J. Barton, Builder

J.J. began his construction career in 1998 when he started a handyman business while getting his Business degree at Tarleton State University. This business led J.J. to many different repair and construction applications, which eventually led to building custom homes and custom steel structures.

With almost 20 years of various types of construction experience, J.J. can bring creative ideas to your Tiny House build. Although the construction industry can sometimes come with a few stigmas, J.J. has stood out head-and-shoulders above most. Because of his honesty, integrity, and reliability, J.J. has been working with many of his subcontractors for years. Because of these long-term relationships, J.J. can ensure that each of the trades offer superior quality. J.J. also manages his own multi-talented crews that will be used for a portion or all of your project, depending on the specific trade needed. You might even see the Barton kids, Tanner and Lana Jill helping Dad and learning the family business!

In his spare time, J.J. enjoys….well, actually, J.J. claims that he doesn’t have any “spare” time. As he explains it, when you live on a ranch, there’s always something to do. So in J.J.’s little bit of “spare” time, he enjoys sleeping. In all seriousness, J.J. loves spending time in the outdoors with his family.

Our Partners

We are fanatics about quality, so we are very careful when choosing our partners.  Below are a few of the great organizations that we have strategically chosen to work with to bring you the very best value.

How We Give Back


Homeless Community

Each year, we will build at least 1 Tiny Home and donate the home to someone experiencing homelessness or a Veteran. We are looking for partner organizations to help move this effort forward.  If you're interested in helping us to make an impact, please reach out on our Contact Us page.


For children, we offer fun, interactive educational classes that teach sustainable living and lowering our carbon footprint through the lens of Tiny Homes using a curriculum combining Math and Science.  If you're interested in scheduling a workshop, please reach out on our Contact Us page.



We are privileged to live where we live and do what we love thanks to the sacrifice of our nation's service members.  Veterans always receive a discount on Tiny Home nightly rentals and/or new builds. We are also actively looking for Veterans to employ at our construction facility.